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Hello!  Having been in NDT for quite a while now, we've seen and been involved with so many amazing companies, people and ideas that make our industry great.  It's incredible how we are all working for the common goal of making our world a safer place.  Like so many others, we want to both give back and move forward at the same time.  

So, we asked ourselves how we could help to boost the business of NDT even more?  How could our skills and experience, and those of lots of others, be used to help each company we serve succeed beyond their expectations and, ultimately, benefit us all as one community? 

We wanted to find a way to bring together the many dedicated and talented professionals who have a similar roll up your sleeves and dive right in approach and the same passion for NDT.  That's when the idea of building the first-ever marketing network exclusively for NDT was born.  A collective of marketing masters, business developers, strategists, subject matter experts, door openers and enthusiasts who are agile, flexible and capable as freelancers and contractors.  Who could jump on an opportunity, a project, a dream and make it happen.  

We are just getting started and we are sure it will be one heck of a ride! We look forward to NDT-ing with you. Please contact us anytime.


Michelle Harnish | Principal 


Brand building, positioning & new product introductions

Creation & management of multi-product, multi-channel, multi-national marketing programs

Targeted promotional campaigns for $M+ sales goals

Stakeholder communications and relationship development (customers, employees, shareholders, media, suppliers)

Mergers, acquisitions and crisis / critical issue communications

Creative content deliverables and copywriting


25+ years in capital equipment & services

for high tech & industrial sectors, including 6 years in NDT


Northeastern University

BS in Marketing & International Business (Dual Major)



Marybeth Miceli | Principal | F. ASNT, MinstNDT


Business Development, Technology Transfer

NDT / NDE, Advanced Sensors

Structural Health Monitoring, Infrastructure Management

Technical Writing / Presentations

Market Analysis

Quality Assurance, Materials Science, Failure Analysis

Media & Investor Relations


20+ Years

in NDT & Structural Health Monitoring


Virginia Tech

MS/Materials Science and Engineering, NDE of Civil Structures

Johns Hopkins University

BS/Materials Science and Engineering, Support. in NDE of Civil Engineering