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Hello!  Having been in NDT and adjacent industries for quite a while now, we've seen and been involved with many amazing companies, people and ideas that make what we all do so great.  It's incredible how we are all working for the common goal of making our world a safer place.  Like so many others, we want to both give back and move forward at the same time.  

So, when we first opened the company in 2016, we asked ourselves how we could use our skills and experience, and bring together lots of other experts in their field, to help each company we serve succeed beyond their expectations and, ultimately, benefit us all as one community? 

That's when the idea of building a best-in-class business network was born.  A collective of marketing masters, business developers, strategists, subject matter experts, door openers and enthusiasts who are agile, flexible and capable as freelancers and contractors, yet have the foundation and support of a serious company.  Real movers who could work together to jump on an opportunity, a project, a dream and make it happen.  

Even after all these years, we still feel great excitement for what we are doing, just like we when we were first getting started, and it is certainly one heck of a ride! We look forward to meeting you. Please contact us anytime.


Marybeth Miceli | Principal & Co-Founder | F. ASNT, MinstNDT

Ms. Micelihas over 20 years’ experience in nondestructive evaluation and structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure.  She is a Materials Science engineer by training with a background in civil infrastructure, nondestructive evaluation, failure analysis, quality assurance, advanced sensors, and transportation and traffic engineering. Ms. Micelihas extensive experience in operations, business development, and technology transfer. 


Michelle Harnish | Principal & Co-Founder

Ms. Harnish is a highly accomplished senior manager in marketing, communications and business development with 27+ years of passion for helping companies sell more effectively and efficiently what matters most- an idea, a brand, a product, a complex technology, in even the most challenging of situations. Not in a way that is just good enough, but with results aimed at nothing less than great. Using an approach that is straightforward, positive and always professional, she has extensive experience in developing and implementing strategic messages and impactful deliverables targeting customers, investors and employees that make a difference for international firms in the high tech and industrial sectors.