3 Keys to Getting People to Buy Your Solution


Business all comes down to one thing – selling a solution. Whether that solution is equipment, inspection services, or consulting, any business exists to sell. How we sell those solutions directly affects whether we sell them. So, what are the keys to getting people to buy what you're selling? Well, it boils down to three things:
1. Tell me why – why do I care? What’s in it for me?
2. Tell me quickly
3. Tell me again (hammer it home) – visually, remind me at least three times
Your value proposition
Your value proposition basically tells the customer what’s in it for them. It addresses why a customer would care about what you do or sell, and how it affects their life in a positive way. It’s easy to think your product or service is about the product or service. It’s not. It’s about giving the customer what makes them feel good. Are you solving their pain? Are you making them feel more secure and safe? Are you making them feel like they are doing good work by purchasing your products and services?
The art of the elevator pitch

Our attention spans continue to get shorter and shorter. The average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 (and is even less for Millennials). You have a finite amount of time to not only get someone’s attention, but hold it. The good news is, there are plenty of outlets for disseminating soundbites. The bad news is, most of the world has the same access to those tools so it’s hard to cut through the clutter. The solution is to get to your point quickly in a way that makes an impact. That’s where the elevator pitch comes in.
An elevator pitch is a short sales pitch that is so named because it should only be as long as an average elevator ride. That gives you about 30 seconds to pitch your product and make an impact. If you aren’t able to tell someone what you’re all about in 30 seconds or less, you need to figure out a way to streamline your value proposition so that you can. What is it about your company that they need to know? What differentiates it? Why do they care about it? Fine tune your message with those points in mind until you can summarize it in less than a minute.
Repetition Works
Once you hook them with a pitch, though, your work is not done. You still have to hold their attention. How can you do that?

  • Visually – logos, consistency through all forms of communications, graphs, charts, infographics

  • Aurally – wherever possible, repeat your value proposition at least three times in any point of contact

What about advertising?
The best advertising for your company doesn’t always come from you. Often, it is done by someone else. Word of mouth carries a lot of weight, especially in NDT. What you want them to see is reviews that show you provide excellent service. And excellent service stems from:

  • Respect

  • Performance

  • Value 

Customer loyalty
It is always easier to keep a customer than find a new one, so don’t leave your current customers in the cold in pursuit of new ones.
Reward loyalty.
Find ways to remind your current customers that you value their continued business and provide them with new solutions to help them increase safety and save time and money. Treat their business as if it were your own.
So, to recap, what are the three keys to getting people to buy your stuff?
1. Tell me why
2. Tell me quickly
3. Tell me again
Good luck!

Michelle Harnish